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Category: Mobility

Mobility Week: what initiatives for your company?

Mobility Week takes place every year from the 16th to the 22nd of September. This European initiative encourages cities to present and promote sustainable transport measures and to invite the population to try alternatives to car use. What are the challenges of such an initiative? The European Commission has set itself two ambitious objectives for urban mobility: The phasing out of conve...

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How does shared parking allow for the conservation and enhancement of heritage

From a financial point of view, wealth is defined as the difference between all liabilities and assets. Assets are the goods you own and the rights attached to them, such as real estate, furniture, patents, etc. Liabilities, on the other hand, are debts as well as various financial commitments. In the case of your car park, it constitutes an asset in the sense that you can resell it for ...

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Category: Smart Parking

The Future Of Smart Parking is Integration with Automated Technology

Two years ago, Ryan Citron (Senior Research Analyst at Navigant) predicted what is the reality of today's: Technology innovations are enabling more adaptable systems, including cameras, wireless communications, data analytics, induction loops, smart parking meters, and advanced algorithms.  Here is a repost from his famous blog article published on : The smart parking industry...

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Category: Mobility

HR and Mobility Management with MARSH

For a long time, mobility meant managing a fleet of vehicles, whether it was a benefit for senior managers or a service car for sales team. In most companies, it was also a question of reducing low leasing rates and providing guidelines for trains, planes and hotels during business trips. This responsibility was and still remains HR responsibility. Today, the challenges of competitivenes...

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