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5 essential points for a mobility plan

Are you interested in new modes of travel? Or perhaps you are in charge of managing mobility within your company? In this article, we will introduce you to different key elements of a mobility plan. First of all, what is a mobility plan? These are all initiatives aimed at promoting more sustainable and efficient means of travel. Because yes! Efficient mobility is above all sustainable mo...

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What is Shared Mobility ?

Shared mobility is a means of transport in which one of the pillars is the collaborative aspect on the one hand, and sustainable on the other. Sustainability has three important dimensions: social, economic and ecological. This is the meeting point between these three considerations. Thus, shared mobility, by its sustainable aspect, is in line with companies' desire to promote sustainabl...

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Category: Mobility Innovation

What is Smart Mobility?

Congested cities, high vehicle acquisition costs and pollution all point to the urgent need to rethink mobility. The phenomenal success of BlaBlaCar has shown us how much the society in which we live is receptive to new modes of mobility. Companies with environmental responsibility are thus more in search of new mobility solutions. In this article, we talk about smart mobility, a new buz...

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Category: Parking management

3 steps to finding parking spaces with BePark

Small or large, enterprises must offer parking spaces to their employees, partners, tenants or customers. The number of spaces is often insufficient to guarantee one to each. Thus, providing the right amount of parking space is a critical challenge that you must answer in order to reduce the stress and frustration of your employees, while allowing you to reduce your costs. Discover how B...

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