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The ultimate guide to parking in Ixelles

If you are in Brussels, Ixelles should not be an unfamiliar place to you. This area is filled with a cheerful and welcoming atmosphere, famous universities like UBL - Université Libre de Bruxelles is also located in the south of Ixelles. With total habitats of approximately 88,000, Ixelles is dynamic with their French and Dutch speaking populations. In addition, there are numerous expats...

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The ultimate guide to parking in Levallois-Perret

Levallois-Perret is a commune within the greater region of Ile-de-France. It is located in the North-Western side of Paris, with only 6 kilometers away from the city center. It is one of the most densely populated town in Europe, also with the neighbourhood Neuilly-sur-Seine, one of the most expensive suburbs of Paris. Whether you are working in this area, live here or are just passing b...

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3 tips to succeed in flexible parking management

With the increase in teleworking, flexible workspaces are becoming more and more common. This gives the opportunity for flexible car parks to develop within companies. What is flexible parking? A car park that occupation is organised according to the needs of its users. Thanks to this organisation, the space is optimised to the maximum occupancy in order to accommodate as many vehicles a...

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4 tips to encourage your employees to use bicycles

In France, only 2% of working people commute to work by bicycle, which is very little compared to countries such as Denmark. But since the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis, less and less people want to use public transport: it’s the great opportunity to go for new habits and cycle to work.  In this article, find out what practice your company can set up to encourage your employees to u...

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