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5 pros related to parking management

New trends in mobility are transforming the transport systems we know of. With an ever-increasing demand for space and a shortage of supply, parking management systems are becoming an increasingly essential attribute to our lives. Smart parking assistance is now used to regulate traffic and to optimise unused parking spots. With the help of new parking management technologies, integrated...

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Category: Parking management

Supermarkets: How to Better Integrate Your Brand Locally Through Parking Service?

Few people and companies realize the importance of a parking space in the supermarket choice of today's consumers. In fact, it happens to be a factor that people often worry about when they go shopping. By analyzing consumer behavior, we have seen that small details can sometimes very quickly tip the balance in the wrong direction and change their minds in all areas.  Let's take a look a...

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Category: Parking management

Investing in a car park: new profitable source of income or not?

Parking, as a real estate asset, is not well understood and that is what makes it so attractive! Parking has a significant impact on the growth of cities. The availability and quality of parking options affect the way businesses and individuals choose their location and where promoters build new real estate projects.  According to Global Smart Parking Market, the parking industry is expe...

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How can you transform your building into a smart building?

We are entering a new era regarding building construction. It is no longer enough for our homes and offices to provide shelter and keep us warm. Today, with the evolution of technology, it is possible not only to provide all the services that occupants need, but also to do so while making the building as efficient as possible, minimizing costs and reducing the building's environmental im...

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