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5 tips for managing multi-site car parks

The multiplication of your company's parking sites makes their management more complex. It is more complicated to have a global visibility of the availability of your sites. This makes it difficult to manage the accesses to the car parks and to keep all your employees happy. 

To meet these challenges, here are 5 tips to manage multi-park sites in the best possible way:

 - Centralise the management of the different car parks on a single intelligent platform: to avoid wasting time, duplicate information and remove frustration.

- Try to give everyone one or more access to the car parks according to their needs instead of their desires (to optimise the turnover and the mutualisation of spaces as much as possible), 

- Segment, sort out the needs of each person: does the manager have more rights in my company?  Are pregnant women and people with reduced mobility a priority? Or, on the contrary, offer equal access for all employees regardless of their hierarchical level. Corporate policy and culture determine what the priorities are and how the company will segment its parking policy.

- Adapt your parking policy in a way that makes life easier for employees: allowing them to make the commute to and from work easier without having to worry about their parking space when they arrive at their destination.

 - Make its employees responsible for the use of car parks. They are becoming increasingly scarce, especially if your number of employees grows. By offering them the possibility of parking management they will become aware that parking has become a scarce resource. 

To conclude, there are various levers to best manage multi-site car parks in your company. This will allow you to increase employee satisfaction, raise awareness about parking and the mobility of your team. A good parking policy will reflect your values as well as your corporate culture.


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Dorian de Broqueville
Written by Dorian de Broqueville

Head of Operations of BePark

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