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Answers to the 4 parking challenges faced by FMCG companies

The consumer goods sector has grown enormously over the last few decades, which obviously leads to a growth in the wage bill of companies in this sector.

In a highly competitive area such as this field, it is essential to optimise profitability and productivity as much as possible. Car parks are not the changes made at first glance, but it will be crucial to know how to optimise them in order to earn direct and indirect income. 

As a result, there are many challenges facing the consumer goods sector. Here is the answer to 4 challenges related to intelligent parking management.


How to manage a car park used by a large number of employees?

As a Facility Manager or Human Resources Manager, you most likely have a large number of employees to manage. Therefore, you should also think about strategies that allow your employees to find a parking space quickly and within a relatively short period of time (in the morning for example). 

Optimising and perfectly managing your parking lot, especially since it is used by a large number of employees, is very important. If you reduce the time your employees spend looking for a vacant parking space, you indirectly save money. 

Discover our mini guide to reduce parking costs, it answers this question very precisely.

Moreover, the stakes will therefore be both human and financial. There is software available to help you to understand these challenges as well as possible, and to help you very simply and effectively to meet these challenges. These tools are "platforms" through which you will find all the information you need to organise your parking management in the best possible way. 

The goal of these "platforms" is to manage a number of employees greater than the number of available parking spaces. To do this, it is possible to give one or more access to each one, which greatly facilitates the sharing of spaces (e.g. booking, FCFS etc...). 

Thanks to this mutualisation, you create a rotation between the spaces used and those vacant. This optimisation, which is very simple to implement thanks to the platform and the intelligent software, therefore allows you to optimise parking spaces despite a very large number of employees. 




How do you manage employees who have different jobs and therefore different uses of the car park? (some use the car park every day, others use it once a week...)

It is possible to segment employees into user types. These categories of employees, whether it is a salesperson who must travel often during the week, or a person working in administration who must have his place 5 days/week, can be differentiated in these "platforms", by giving them different types of access. 

For example, a sales person can have a very flexible FCFS (First Come First Served) access, and an administrative person can have a preferential access that allows him to have a reserved place for him at all times.

It is also possible to multiply the number of accesses according to the needs.


What type of mobility plan can be offered to employees when the company's head office is located in the suburbs?

The best mobility plan, or the ideal parking policy, is to offer reservations to all employees through these "platforms". 

Everyone reserves the "parking time slot" they need.

Whether the person lives 20 minutes away by car or another one at 1h30, if his reservation has been confirmed at the time of booking he is guaranteed to have his place as much as the other one, so it induces no frustration when arriving at the entrance (contrary to the FCFS which once the parking lot is full the Nth person will not be able to enter).


How to centralise the management of the different parking sites in a company that has a head office + several production sites?

Adding each car park on a single platform will allow the management of the different parking sites to be perfectly centralised.

It also allows the platform administrators (people in charge of allocating access within the company, also called fleet/facilities managers) to manage access for all their employees on the 3/4 production sites.

Finally, even if your company has a large payroll, it is quite possible to offer a pleasant and efficient parking experience to your employees. As a result, they will become much more efficient and their productivity will be increased.


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