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Category: Mobility

5 tips to promote sustainable mobility within your company

By mobility, we mean all the means aimed at facilitating the movement of people. Sustainability is characterised by the intersection of three central aspects: social, ecological and economic. Thus, mobility is said to be sustainable when it has a social and ecological dimension and when it offers more economical models. These three spheres work in synergy. In this article, we offer 5 tip...

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Category: Parking management

How has Cofinimmo increased its revenues thanks to the valuation of its car parks?

Founded in 1983, Cofinimmo is today the largest listed property company in Belgium and a member of the BEL 20. The company benefits from the RREC (Regulated Real Estate Companies) regime in Belgium. Cofinimmo owns and manages nearly 2 million m² of property, spread over Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany. The company seeks to offer a high dividend yield and capital protection o...

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5 Reasons To Properly Define Your Parking Policy

Parking policy includes all the measures put in place to allocate a parking space for each employee of a company; to keep the parking area safe and clean; and to establish rules for managing parking spaces, all with the aim of improving the parking experience for users. When parking spaces within a company are effectively managed, many of the issues faced by users/employees can be resolv...

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What is Shared Mobility ?

Shared mobility is a means of transport in which one of the pillars is the collaborative aspect on the one hand, and sustainable on the other. Sustainability has three important dimensions: social, economic and ecological. This is the meeting point between these three considerations. Thus, shared mobility, by its sustainable aspect, is in line with companies' desire to promote sustainabl...

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