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How can companies cope with changes in mobility after containment?

Since mid-March 2020, several European countries have been confined. Indeed, the spread of the covid-19 virus being so rapid, governments have found a solution: total containment for all citizens. Cafés, restaurants and all other non-essential shops have been closed for almost 2 months.  This crisis created a real break in our everyday life, people were locked in their homes all day long...

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Category: Smart City

[Infographic] 5 advantages of turning your building into a smart building

In 2020 we can say that intelligent buildings or smart buildings are the future of the real estate and construction industry. Whether the demand comes from the private sector or from European governments, we can see that the direction of history is moving towards the adoption of new practices that transform our buildings into smart infrastructure. The energy performance of buildings has ...

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Category: Smart Parking

Why invest in a parking lot?

Investing in real estate is one of the most profitable investments over the long term. The car parks you own are rental income and represent for you what is known as property income. It is possible to exempt your property from tax, which would allow you to benefit from a tax reduction. Otherwise, your car park may be subject to the real or micro property regime within the framework of in...

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How to build a circular economy approach with a car park?

In recent years, the circular economy has been introduced in a large number of areas of activity, particularly in car parks. The preservation of the environment is a fundamental challenge nowadays and as an actor of mobility, we owe it to ourselves to participate in this project. Dr. Paul Schosseler defines this process as "an economic system of exchange and production [...] which aims t...

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