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How did Merco transform his parking lot?

The Merco consulting firm faces several challenges with regard to mobility. To solve these challenges, they want to implement an intelligent mobility solution in order to transform a traditional car park into an intelligent infrastructure.

  • The company was facing several challenges 
  • To meet these needs, several strategies have been put in place 
  • The results 

The company was facing several challenges

  • To be able to revitalize an existing office property asset and purchase a building nearby in order to offer services to tenants and a certain mix in the neighbourhood.
  • To meet the needs of the mixed functions of the 2 buildings in terms of mobility by having an economic return on parking spaces.
  • To optimise the occupancy rate of the car park in order to facilitate access to all types of customers.

To meet these needs, several strategies have been put in place

1. Sharing parking spaces

First of all, Merco has set up a multimodal mobility hub with a pooling of locations. It was therefore necessary to remove the registered spaces in order to benefit from the full capacity of the car park during the day, in the evening and at weekends. To make this work, an access control system adapted to each need was put in place to allow users to access the car park and pay for it. An online reservation system and the pooling of subscriptions have also been put in place.

2. Make optimal use of each space

In a second phase, to respond to the changing working environment of the offices, they installed parking management software to optimise the use of office staff parking spaces. This software will thus allow to parameterize the access rights but also offers the possibility to free and reserve the parking spaces with a dedicated online tool.

The results

  • They have therefore gone from a single-functional office building to a mixed neighbourhood with many services offered to users.
  • There has been a simplification of flows with dedicated systems per user and the implementation of a public area.
  • The office occupancy rate has increased by 25% and there is simplified access thanks to plate reading in addition to the mobile application.
  • There has also been an increase in profitability through improved location pooling and asset value.

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Dorian de Broqueville
Written by Dorian de Broqueville

Head of Operations of BePark