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How does BePark help to improve employee mobility?

Employee mobility experience, nowadays, is becoming more and more important for the good functioning of a company. In fact, their happiness is tightly related to the success of said firm. With the rapid rise of urbanisation, it is becoming an alarming need for companies around the world to promote more accessible, more efficient mobility experience for workers and drivers in general.

At BePark we aim to create a better mobility experience for this generation and the next ones. Thriving in an evolving market, we have worked hard to gain reputation thanks to our vast network and partnership with key mobility, real estate or retail players. Specialised in parking management, its commercialisation and consulting, we believe parking plays a significant role in solving mobility challenges.

So how can BePark create a better mobility experience for your employees, what advantages does it bring you, which solution is better suited for your situation?

  • The challenges of employee mobility 
  • The "Platform", our SaaS solution 
  • the "Spaces" solution 

The challenges of employee mobility

It is no myth that mobility challenges can be tough to solve. They often come with various daily complexities and frustrations which, in the long run, can become a real burden for drivers around the world. 

In terms of parking there are many challenges to tackle such as: the waste of time, bad visibility, sub-par optimisation, lack of parking spots, taxes, access control, complaints, breakdowns, hidden costs, and the list goes on…

When an employee encounters one or many of these hindrances daily it takes a big toll on them.  Most of the time, arriving exhausted or late to work has an impact on their productivity, loyalty and even well-being.  Lost time is lost money, thus impacting not only employees but also the firm as a whole.

There are real advantages to benefit from with proper parking management which can in turn improve your employees mobility experience. 

Letting us take care of everything for you by applying our experience and knowledge on the matter will allow you to concentrate on your “real work” to finally drive your company along the road to success.

The “Platform”, our SaaS solution


Adapted for parking managers, fleet managers, HRs... Our PLATFORM lets you create and manage your entire parking policy in a few clicks.

Our PLATFORM solution is logistically packed, allowing you to track entries and exits, view the current occupation and forecasted usage. By having a clear visibility across all of your car parks, the flexibility of your options are certified. You even have the possibility to keep records of what works best and which solutions to apply to forever optimise your car park until perfection. 

With PLATFORM, you can also assign parking access to your employees easily online, depending on the rules you set, your employees could have the right to book or release a parking spot based on their needs. Your employees thus can ensure a space to park before they arrive at work. 

Simple but powerful, our platform can be a game changer. Marsh, Altran, Orange, P&V... all have trusted BePark to offer their employees a better mobility experience!

The “SPACES” solution

What if your employees could start their working day without facing parking struggles? 

Providing the right amount of parking spaces and making sure your employees have a safe place to park becomes a key factor in helping your employees save time while at the same time averting the parking menace.

With the trust of hundreds parking owners, we are able to easily and quickly open private car parks for your employees whenever and wherever you want.

Whether in the neighbourhood of your office, near a train station or a metro stop, as long as you are in need of more than 5 parking spots, we have a solution that will allow you to reduce the pressure on your existing parking.

So far, more than 300 companies have trusted BePark to find secure parking spots for their employees! 


At BePark, we provide enterprises with a range of solutions that are designed to give you and your employees a better mobility experience!

Contact us and improve your employee mobility from today!

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Yaqi MU
Written by Yaqi MU

Digital Marketing Manager of BePark

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