Mobility budget: what do you need to know?

March 25, 2019

That's it! The Mobility Budget finally came into effect on March 1, 2019! You've probably heard about it a lot, but you do not really know what this budget entails or how it can be used? We have decided to compile the most important information about this Mobility budget for you.

The mobility budget in a few words

First things to remember about the Mobility Budget: it is voluntary! This means that there is no obligation to use this budget, neither for the employer nor for the worker. Moreover, this budget only concerns Belgium (for the moment!).

Secondly, the Mobility Budget is calculated according to the principle of "total cost of ownership". This cost represents the annual gross cost of the company car for the employer, including tax and parafiscal charges, and "ancillary" expenses (financing costs, annual depreciation, fuel, insurance, contributions, etc.), to which the worker has rights.

But who can claim this mobility budget? This budget is only for people owning a company car or entitled to have one, but let's look at the eligibility criteria in detail!

Eligibility criteria

These eligibility criteria are as follows :

One condition for the employer: he must have already made available to one or more workers, company cars for an uninterrupted period of 36 months (exception for employers active for less than 36 months, who must make available one or several company cars at the time of budgeting).

Two conditions for the worker :

A. Must have had a company car (in the last 36 months), or have been eligible for a company car (for at least 12 months)

B. He must have a company car, or be eligible for a company car (for at least 3 months without interruption) at the time of application.

(exceptions: hiring a worker, promotion or change of function before the budget comes into effect)


How does it work?

Many people know that a Mobility budget will be created and made available to businesses, but no one knows exactly how it will be applied and distributed. We have created a small infographic combining the 3 pillars of this budget Mobility:

Pillars of the mobility budget 

Go further with our guide !

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