Parking management: myths versus reality

July 23, 2019
It's six in the morning. You wake up, and like millions of people, you start getting ready for work. Then you jump in your car, enthusiastic about starting a great day. Do you hear that distant sound? It's the one of honks and motorcycles shuffling between cars: traffic jams are not far away. Once you arrive in the vicinity of your workplace, you are looking for a place to park. The day begins beautifully: no place available on the horizon. You circle around the neighborhood again, in a frantic race against the clock: it's official! You're late.... In this article we will look at the preconceived ideas about parking management and answer them step by step. Many individuals, parking lot owners or managers, or companies think that...


Usefulness is limited

Wrong! We will discuss the positive environmental impact of parking management later. But first, what are the other advantages of thinking about parking management today? For one, it improves your employees' parking experience. Improved ease of access to parking spaces will improve their well-being at work, which is essential for productivity. For another, taking time to analyze your parking strategies and implement parking management tools will allow you to save a considerable amount of time in the long run. Additionally, you may have several vacant spaces on lots that you and your business own. This is an opportunity to make your real estate assets or those of your company profitable. Here are four essential points for optimal parking management:

  • Renting spaces to nearby companies
  • Rent your own vacancies
  • Integrate access technologies, thereby enhancing the parking experience.
  • Use computerized management tools to manage comings and goings, access authorizations, obtain quantified data, etc...

It has no CSR impact

Wrong! For many of us, the situation described in the short introductory story has an air of déjà vu. Indeed, we see rush-hour congestion in most major cities. One reason for this congestion is the time that millions of employees spend every day commuting and looking for a parking space at work. Lack of space for parking causes drivers to be on the road longer, which has an ecological impact. Thus, finding parking spaces for employees or renting parking spaces to nearby employees has a positive impact in terms of CSR. Improving the parking experience means reducing the environmental footprint by making parking lots more fluid. For more on this topic, we recommend that you read our article on the important elements of a mobility plan.


Renting parking lots for employees is far too complicated

Wrong! Between the search for places via service providers, the administrative red-tape to be completed and the management of the agreements, which may require dedicated full-time employees, many companies do not dare to take the plunge. However, there are solutions that can help you manage rentals quickly and easily. For example, some companies will hunt for parking spaces for you. Often these companies offer ways to make rentals more flexible than traditional rentals. This is a way to guarantee that your employees have additionally parking spaces available when they need them.


Renting parking spaces is difficult to set up

Wrong! Do you have more than 5 parking spaces? Whether you're a large or small business, a building owner or a hotel manager, there are smart parking solutions that allow you to make the most of your empty parking spaces. You can do this by having access technology installed that lets you manage your parking lot from your computer or laptop, while outsourcing the marketing. Our Value offer lets you manage your parking spaces with the benefit of our access technology. Many obstacles, from competing priorities to fear of change, push us to regulate parking lot management to the background. However, this is an opportunity for your company to contribute to a healthier CSR policy. In addition, improved parking management is an excellent way of making real estate assets profitable. And lastly, it saves a considerable amount of time. Indeed, the loss of time due to employees searching for space is a significant hidden cost!

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