Real estate developers: 5 reasons why you should work with BePark to enhance the value of your car parks

BePark has been applying its expertise for more than 8 years in the six sectors of activity: offices, supermarkets, housing, the public sector, education and health, and hotels, where we optimise and market their parking spaces with a total or partial vacancy. We have been able to use this experience acquired in each core business to be able to work in a similar way on major real estate development projects, whether mixed or not.

Between a poor visibility, lost time, badge management, taxes, controls, complaints or hidden costs, to name but a few, effective parking management is both complex and important for real estate developers. 

Very often, real estate projects raise parking issues such as: 

  • Making under-utilised car parks profitable
  • Lack of space for office users 
  • Efficient management of the car park in question
  • A lack of places for project actors

With BePark, you can establish an effective and responsive collaboration that provides an innovative solution for both developers and communities on parking issues. Above all, it is a question of optimizing parking management. Indeed, many places are left vacant, and this low occupancy rate can be easily increased thanks to mutualisation, while generating a profit for its owners. 

Here are five good reasons why you should trust BePark to enhance your car parks.


1. Enable extensive parking thanks to the mixed-use of the project's stakeholders, which makes it possible to:

  • Reduce the number of spaces to be built
  • Optimize parking, to provide a way to enhance the value of spaces when they are not used
  • Valuing under-exploited places 

BePark brings its expertise in this field by determining for each project the optimal number of spaces to be built while maximizing their profitability.

For a mixed project, the number of locations can be drastically reduced since users do not have the same use.

Thus, our goal is to support you in the calculations of pooling and valuation, in the legal arrangements and in the development of commercial tools that can help in the sale of these parking spaces, and this throughout the life of your project. We can also sell uses, quantities or access rights according to your project and your wishes.

the principle of mutualisation


2. Enhance precarious car parks, on sites awaiting the filing of permits or undergoing rehabilitation

For some projects, there is already a parking lot, but it is not used. We can help generate revenue throughout the construction or rehabilitation of your building, which will allow you to make the car park profitable during this period.

Example: A building must be renovated over a period of 18 months and a 100-space car park for use by future owners already exists. By applying our parking expertise and operational efficiency, we have the opportunity to leverage it to generate recurring revenues.

This allows the owner of this parking lot to earn an optimal income without having to worry about it.

3. Help in the search for investors by proposing models with a better profitability thanks to our solutions

Thanks to mutualisation we can improve the efficiency of the car park to convince an investor. Indeed, by offering a greater variety of uses and subscriptions, we can improve the parking occupancy rate by up to 95% compared to the usual 40%, which will generate more revenue and therefore a better return.

results of a mutialisation



4. Create a real multimodal mobility hub

Our ambition is to transform car parks into an element of neighbourhood life, as a mobility hub, to build a real ecosystem that meets the challenges of today and tomorrow. 

We are therefore developing soft mobility or sustainable economy means to promote more responsible travel, by providing services such as carpooling, electric charging points, collection/delivery points or scooters, bicycles, etc., so that occupants can benefit from additional services.

Parking as hub of mobility


5. Provide our expertise on the implementation of parking in your project

Thanks to our eight years of presence in the parking sector, we have developed a real expertise around parking and can therefore support you on its implementation in your projects, by studying issues of access, access control, flow, etc. Depending on your needs and the type of parking, we are able to determine the most suitable elements for the parking. 


Do you manage large real estate projects? BePark can help you in these projects  here.

Geoffrey Marcelin
Written by Geoffrey Marcelin

Business Manager of BePark France