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Social landlords: The advantages of working with BePark to enhance the value of your car parks

It is not mandatory to rent a parking space in social housing when renting an apartment. As a social landlord, your assets certainly have vacant parking spaces, so why not use them? Here BePark offers you the opportunity to make your space profitable by making these vacant spaces available to the general public. Discover in this article the advantages of working with us to enhance the value of your car parks

  • Vacant parking spaces in your assets 
  • Create added value on your buildings via car car parks 
  • A better environmental footprint 

 Vacant parking spaces in your assets

 You are a social landlord and all your dwellings are occupied, but there is still one space that is not valued: the car park. These spaces often remain empty, it is time to create added value on your real estate stock. You can draw additional income from your assets and thus make your investments more profitable. 

Create added value on your buildings via car parks

Thanks to our expertise, we offer innovative solutions for digitising access to your car parks in order to generate new flows and accelerate marketing. BePark offers tailored subscription packages that meet the needs of the environment close to your buildings and that will allow you to exploit and enhance these previously unexploited spaces. 

We work with many real estate players, including social landlords, and are already working with Alliade Habitat on these issues. We did it with them, so why not with you? 

A better environmental footprint 

Beyond the economic impact, our solution also responds to environmental issues by strengthening urban mobility. 30% of pollution is due to the fact that motorists search for vacant parking spaces for a long time. On the street, it is often difficult to find a place to park and that's why BePark offers an alternative parking solution through secure parking subscriptions. Make use of your parking spaces and get started. An optimal solution for a better environmental footprint.

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Julien Vandeleene
Written by Julien Vandeleene

Founder of BePark

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