Solutions to the 5 recurring problems of corporate parking management

March 11, 2019

At the center of the debate on the issue of urban mobility, the efficient management of parking spaces is more than ever a hot topic. A more intelligent and proactive management of company parking by making employees responsible for their travel choices can lead to an overall improvement in the situation. The fast movement of digitalization is opening up the range of possibilities, but solutions are still rare.

Here is a brief overview of the difficulties that Fleet and Facility Managers may encounter and the solutions that may apply.

  • Manage a large number of potential users in a parking lot that is always too small!
  • Badges and remote access controls... How to stop having to manage them?
  • The black box syndrome... How to shed light on the use of your parking?
  • Parking management? Don't make it your job!
  • Managing multiple parking lots... How can you standardize their management?
  • But which parking management system to choose?


Manage a large number of potential users in a park lot too small!

Urban densification, tax policies favouring company cars as well as property taxes on parkings have led to a scarcity (and therefore an increasing cost) of parking resource in recent decades. On the other hand, changes in work habits, in particular through the flexibilization of spaces (through the New Way of Working) and employees’ business trips, have led to an increase in comings and goings in parking.

Let’s say it, in this climate of change, it became impossible to manage the parking as we did 20 years ago.

As a Fleet or Facility Manager, it is essential to be able to manage users and their access rights easily by always keeping a clear view of who has access to what and when. Today, there are online business parking management solutions solving this puzzle for fleet managers in a few clicks.


Badges and remote controls for access… How to avoid losing them?

This need for flexibility in access management implies the need for dematerialization of the remote control or the access badge. The distribution of parking badges and remote controls is a waste of time for Fleet and Facility Managers. Exchanging badges or remote controls between employees, business visitors, partners… accelerates the loss and lacks flexibility. It often happens for companies to end up with an unknown number of badges in circulation without any visibility on their usage or on which they should actually be disabled.

To make access to corporate parking more transparent, easy and flexible, users who have been authorized to access the parking via an online company parking management system will have the opportunity to transform their phones to a parking remote control. This is automatically activated in case of valid access.


The black box syndrome… How to get to know the usage of your parking?

The number of badges in circulation is rarely a reliable indicator of the number of cars parked in corporate parking lots.You thought your parking was full? It was not. The parking spaces remain partially empty and represent an additional cost for the company while its business visitors and employees are desperate for a place to park.

To solve this problem, you need a parking management system, which will allow you to understand the actual occupancy of your parking, get an overview of the planned use in the future and build reports based on the usage history. Powerful booking tools coupled with dematerialised access allow for a fine understanding of the use of parking lots at any time. On this basis, making the right decision is no longer a challenge.


Parking management? Don’t turn it into your job!

Sit on your chair and define the parking usage strategy (parking policy). In other words, depending on your policy and your internal organization, define who has access to what, in what ways. The parking management software then allows you to set up your policy and let users make their reservations when they need a parking space or free up their place when they do not need. Your users manage their daily access, without your intervention.


Management of multiple parking lots… How to standardize their management?

Well yes, no more differentiated management on access systems specific to each site. The digital solutions allow you to manage all your sites centrally and allow a simple circulation of your users between your different parking lots according to their needs and movements.

parking managementPhoto by Logan Walker on Unsplash

Optimising your corporate parking with parking management software makes it possible to improve Fleet and Facility Managers’ productivity on a daily basis and reduce the costs of parking maintenance as well as fees for parking on the street for your collaborators.

By optimising their parking lots, companies avoid the waste of unused parking spaces, the costs of renting another parking and the loss of employees because of their difficulties in finding a parking space near the offices in the morning.

To understand in more depth the interest of good parking management, read the 3 advantages of efficient parking management.


But which parking management system to choose?

The BePark parking management platform has been developed by our team to provide a solution for companies. 9 years of activities in the parking industry and partnerships with more than 500 companies, have allowed us to understand what were the difficulties they faced with the management of their parking lots.

For example, BePark’s enterprise parking management platform addresses the 5 issues mentioned in the article above and provide solutions for all aspects of parking management.

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