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How can you transform your building into a smart building?

We are entering a new era regarding building construction. It is no longer enough for our homes and offices to provide shelter and keep us warm. Today, with the evolution of technology, it is possible not only to provide all the services that occupants need, but also to do so while making the building as efficient as possible, minimizing costs and reducing the building's environmental im...

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Artificial Intelligence and Parking Management: 6 concrete examples

Artificial intelligence has become a crucial element of our daily lives, adapting to almost every scenario of it. In this article, we will see concrete examples of applications of Artificial Intelligence in parking management to improve parking experience. Here are 6 application ideas made possible by a 2.0 management of your parking data. Count the number of occupants and vehicles Facia...

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Paris Olympics and its mobility stakes

All eyes right now are on France, and more precisely, Paris. Can France win the mobility gold medal to promise a successful climb on the podium as the smartest city in Europe? The host capital city of the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, which has a combination of the most complex and high-performance, as well as controversial, transport systems in Europe, faces many challenges. In fac...

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How is digitalisation improving mobility?

We are becoming more and more interconnected to each other and to the technologies surrounding us. Since, digitalisation is being used to address the various problems of contemporary megatrends, in particular: urbanisation, globalisation, the aging of society and environmental sustainability. Progress in digital technologies has changed practically every facet of society counting social ...

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