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4 tips to encourage your employees to use bicycles

In France, only 2% of working people commute to work by bicycle, which is very little compared to countries such as Denmark. But since the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis, less and less people want to use public transport: it’s the great opportunity to go for new habits and cycle to work.  In this article, find out what practice your company can set up to encourage your employees to u...

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How can companies cope with changes in mobility after containment?

Since mid-March 2020, several European countries have been confined. Indeed, the spread of the covid-19 virus being so rapid, governments have found a solution: total containment for all citizens. Cafés, restaurants and all other non-essential shops have been closed for almost 2 months.  This crisis created a real break in our everyday life, people were locked in their homes all day long...

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The collaborative economy and its impact on today's mobility

Collaborative transportation was created to allow individuals who need to travel to share their vehicles. Do you take the same route every day alone in your car? Why not do it with other users who make the same journey? It is exactly with this in mind that carpooling and car-sharing platforms have been developed. We are all aware of the problems related to pollution and greenhouse gas em...

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The future of mobility: how can your company meet this challenge?

Nowadays, companies with more than 100 employees are required to have a mobility plan. The company's employees commute to and from work every day, which generates a lot of pollution. The choice of the means of transport of the workers has a fundamental impact, it is therefore the duty of the company to influence the behaviour of their employees. The fundamental aim of the company's mobil...

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