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The ultimate guide to parking in Lille

With 232,441 residents and extending over 3,951 km², the city of Lille is the fourth largest city in France in terms of number of inhabitants making it the capital of the Hauts-de-France region.

Thus, like any big city, mobility is congested there as it meets many challenges of parking.
If you want to go to Lille, are a resident, or a simple visitor, here is some information to optimise your mobility in every way.

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  1. Parking on the streets.
  2. Parking in a relay car park.
  3. Monthly low-cost parking solutions.


1. Park on the streets. 

Lille currently has 57,500 free parking spaces on the streets including 10,061 paying places (by timestamps). As such, if you want to go to Lille to visit or make purchases, it is possible to park in the street and more precisely in certain parking areas.

Parking in Lille is mainly divided into five zones: 

  • Blue area :First 20 minutes is free, maximum 1 hour parking for 3€, valid from 7 am to 10 pm.
  • Yellow area : Paid parking from 9h to 19h and limited duration from 5h to 2 € the first hour and 17 € for the package of 5h.
  • Orange area : Paid parking from 9h to 19h and limited duration from 5h to 2 € the first hour and 17 € for the package of 5h.
  • Green area : Paid parking between 9h and 12h30 and 14h and 19h limited time from 5h to 1 € the first hour and 17 € for the package of 5h.
  • Red area :Parking prohibited every day.

You will find below the map of Lille's parking areas : 


In addition, it is important to know that if you are a worker or resident in Lille, there are tips to benefit from preferential rates on parking lots. These preferential rates are as follows:

- Residential parking: Valid for a period of 2 years at a price of € 25 per month, payable by time stamp. This parking is not available in the orange zone. In order to obtain this preferential rate, it will be necessary to make the request to the service parking of the city which you can find all the necessary information here.

- Professional parking: To know the conditions of obtaining and so to be able to benefit from the "Pro" tariff, it is advisable to apply to the parking service of the city. You can find the information here.

2. Parking in a Relais car park.

Another solution is the Relais car parks. Indeed, the city of Lille has 11, of which 6 of them are free, representing a total of 4,700 parking spaces of which 3,431 are free.

Relais car parks are guarded parking lots and close to a metro line. However, it is necessary to know that you will be able to access it only if you are a Ilévia or TER customers and that you have the Pass-Pass system.

The Relais parking is a very practical solution to go in the center of Lille without getting bored with your car! You will find below the list of these paid and free parking lots:

Paid Relais parking:

- Neuville bridge. 

- Armentière.

- Don Sainghin.

- The Bassée.

- Seclin.

 Free Relais parking:

 -Saint Philibert.

- Doors of post.

- Arras's doors.

- Les Prés.

- CHU Eurasanté.

- 4 Cantons.


Plan des parkings relais à Lille 

3. Monthly low-cost parking solutions. 

You definitely do not want to waste time looking for a parking space. Finding those empty spots can by time and money consuming. A third solution or alternative is offered to you, which is the concept shared parking!

Indeed, companies like BePark allow you to book or rent your parking space serenely at attractive and competitive prices.

This alternative solution is based on a collaboration to provide private parking places for a specific time each day.

A driver who wishes to use this system will directly subscribe or reserve his/her parking space via an application on his smartphone. This app is also used as a remote control to open the barrier to access the parking and park on the places indicated.

Here is the list of shared car parks available on Lille (Click on the name of the car parks to access the site) : 

Area 🏘️

Moulins : 

Fives : 

La Madeleine :

Saint-André-Lez-Lille : 

Railway Station 🚂

Gare Loos : 

Gare de la Madeleine : 

Metro 🚇

Caulier :

Cormontaigne : 

We hope that this article will help you optimise your mobility in Lille. Do not hesitate to share it with your family and friends!

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