The Ultimate Guide to Parking in Marseille

February 26, 2021

Marseille, located in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region, is the second largest city in France. With a population of over 1.7 million habitants, Marseille also occupies the third largest metropolitan area in France (after Paris and Lyon). Being located right on the Mediterranean Sea also makes this city a popular tourist destination, particularly in the summer. With such a large amount of people, parking in the city can be difficult. 

Whether you live or work in Marseille, or you are just visiting, this guide is guaranteed to help you discover all of the parking solutions available in the city. In this article, discover all of our parking tips:

On-street parking

Parking on the streets of Marseille can be difficult if you do not know the rules. The general policy in Marseille is that it is prohibited to park in the same location for more than 24 hours consecutively. There are also different zones with different pricing and maximum times.

Parking Zones in Marseille

 Orange Zone

  • Paid parking Monday to Saturday from 9am to 7pm (except Sundays and holidays)
  • Maximum stay is 4h
  • Price: 0,50€ for 30 minutes - 1,50€ for 1h - 4€ for 2h - 5€ for 2h30 - 6€ for 3h - 8€ for 4h 

 Yellow Zone

  • Paid parking Monday to Saturday from 9am to 7pm (except Sundays and holidays)
  • Maximum stay is 4h
  • Price: 0,50€ for 30 minutes - 1,50€ for 1h - 3€ for 2h - 4€ for 2h30 - 5€ for 3h - 6€ for 4h

 Red Zone

  • Paid parking Monday to Saturday from 9am to 7pm (except Sundays and holidays)
  • Maximum stay is 2h
  • Prix : 0,50€ for 30 minutes - 1,50€ for 1h - 3€ for 2h

For any parking time limit exceeded, the fee will be 17€ in all zones.

Here is a map of all the different paid parking zones in Marseille:

Parking Zones Marseille park in the street


Park & Ride Parking Lots

Like many other large cities, Marseille has relay parking lots. Also known as Park & Ride Parking, these parking lots are used in combination with the public transport system. They are connected to a tram or metro stop, which means you can park just outside the city for cheaper and use public transport to travel into the city. 

Here is a list of the P+R parking lots in Marseille:

  • Louis Armand - Boulevard Louis Armand 13012 (89 spaces)
  • La Blanchard - Boulevard Louis Frangin 13005 (200 spaces)
  • Bougainville - Boulevard de Magallon 13015 (182 spaces)
  • Technopole de Chateau-Gombert - Rue Louis Néel 13013 (130 spaces)
  • Einstein - Avenue Einstein 13013 (264 spaces)
  • La Fourragère - Avenue des Caillols 13012 (496 spaces)
  • Frais Vallon - Impasse de la Farandole 13014 (128 spaces)
  • Gèze - Bld du Capitaine Gèze 13015 (615 spaces)
  • St. Jérôme - Rue de Pèbre d'Ail 13013 (90 spaces)
  • Rond-Point du Prado - Allée Grassi 13008 (393 spaces)
  • St. Just - Boulevard Verd 13013 (257 spaces)
  • Ste Marguerite Dromel - Boulevard de l'Huveaune 13009 (650 spaces)
  • Teisseire Dromel - 74 rue R. Teisseire 13009 (110 spaces)
  • La Timone - Rue St Pierre 13005 (350 spaces)
  • Vallier - 41 avenue Maréchal Foch 13004 (150 spaces)

Parking options adapted to your needs

If you are looking for a parking solution that is more suited to your individual needs, shared parking may be the answer. Shared parking spaces allow you to reserve or rent a space for the day/night, week or year. By paying an affordable subscription, you know that you will be guaranteed a space in a location that suits you. 

This solution is ideal if you spend a lot of time in Marseille and you are therefore looking for a more long-term solution. Users can subscribe to a parking space online, and then use a mobile application to open barriers, etc. in order to access the parking lot themselves. This option is safer and more secure than public parking spaces.

Here is a list of available shared parking spaces in Marseille:


Parking solutions for business

If you are looking for parking solutions in Marseille for your business, this article might be useful for you: Parking in Marseille: Solutions to make life easier for your employees

If your employees struggle to find parking spaces each working day, a company parking lot adapted to your needs could be the ideal solution! In this video, discover the Spaces offer and learn more about this ideal solution for you and your employees.

We hope that this article provided you with some helpful tips and information about parking in Marseille. Be sure to share it with a friend before their next trip into the city!

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