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The ultimate guide to parking in Saint-Gilles

Saint-Gilles is one of the 19 municipalitiess of Brussels. With a population of almost 50,000 inhabitants, it is characterised by its diversity. 

The Brussels-Midi station (also called the Brussels-South railway station), which is one of the three most important stations in Brussels, is located in Saint-Gilles. It is very busy and hosts international high-speed trains such as the Thalys and Eurostar. Many hotels are located in the vicinity of Brussels-Midi. 

As the area is very busy, it can sometimes be difficult to find a parking space there. In this article, we provide you with different parking solutions in Saint-Gilles. 


Parking in the street

Parking spaces on the streets of Saint-Gilles are all paying. There are different on-street parking zones, each with its own price and time schedule. The municipality also provides cards to local residents and companies working in the area. In order to help you understand Saint-Gilles' parking policy, we'll explain the different parking arrangements.


The different parking zones

Red zone

  • The price is 0,50€ for 30min, 2€ for 1h, 5€ for 2h
  • Parking is charged from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 8.30pm
  • Parking time limited to 2 hours

Grey zone

  • The price is 0,50€ for 30 min, 2€ for 1h, 5€ for 2h, 8€ for 3h, 11€ for 4h, 12,50€ for 4h30
  • Parking is charged from Monday to Saturday from 9am to 8.30pm
  • Parking time limited to 4h30

Green zone

  • The price is 0,50€ for 30 min, 1€ for 1 hour, 4€ for 2 hours and 1,5 for each additional hour.
  • Parking is charged from Monday to Saturday until 6pm.
  • Unlimited parking time

Parking areas Saint GillesSource:


Parking cards issued by the municipality

Resident parking card

If you live in Saint-Gilles, you can apply to the municipality to obtain a resident card. The card costs 30€ per year. If you have several vehicles, the price will increase for the additional cards requested. The price is as follows. 

  • 1st card: 30€ per year
  • 2nd card: 100€ per year
  • 3rd card 500€ per year
  • Second residence card; 250€ per year

Visitor parking card

This card is issued exclusively to residents of Saint-Gilles but can be used by anyone. This card:

  • Is sold in 10 periods at the price of 25€ (1 period = 4h30), maximum 100 periods/year.
  • Is not reserved for a particular vehicle

Business and self-employed parking card

If your business is based in Saint-Gilles, you can also benefit from a parking card for you and your employees. The rate per card is as follows:

  • From the 1st to the 5th card: 250€/year
  • From the 6th to the 20th card: 400€/year
  • From the 21st to the 30th map: 600/year
  • From the 31st card: 800€/year


Parking per hour

If you are travelling to Saint-Gilles for just a few hours and you wish to park in an underground parking, here is a list of car parks that will be useful: 

  • Parking Louise (Rue Livourne, 11, 1060 Brussels) 2,70/hour
  • Stéphanie-Louise (Avenue Louise, 83 A, 1060, Brussels) 2.80 hours
  • Parking Louise Village (Rue Dejoncker, 36, 1060 Brussels) 2.20/hour (closed on Sundays and public holidays)


Daily/monthly parking


If your visits to Saint-Gilles are more frequent and you are constantly looking for a parking space, shared car parks will be the solution for you! The principle is simple, you can reserve or rent your parking space for the day, month or week. 

These are private car parks with a low occupancy rate and where the owners seek to make the most of their parking spaces. They have therefore decided to rent out some of the free spaces in their car parks. 

The advantages offered by these private car parks are numerous: cheaper than public car parks, increased security, easy access to the car park thanks to a mobile application, no need to worry about a ticket that you might lose during the day etc. 

This solution is perfect for people who travel to Saint-Gilles daily and are looking for a secure parking space at an affordable price. 

Here is the list of shared car parks available in Saint-Gilles: 


Parking solution for businesses


Are your employees looking for a parking space near your company everyday? It is possible to find a company car park adapted to your needs. Parking professionals are at your disposal to make a private car park near your offices available for you.

Discover in this video the Spaces offer - the ideal solution for you and your employees. 



We hope that this article will help you optimise your mobility in Saint-Gilles. Do not hesitate to share it. 


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