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What are the CSR issues in the retail sector?

In the retail sector, some companies believe that it is difficult to adapt their activity to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) dimensions. They think that it boils down to environmental issues and forget that it also takes into account economic and social concerns.

For a few years now, Nature & Découvertes, has been proposing at the checkout of all its stores in France to leave micro-donations to help associations. Companies such as ASOS or Stella McCartney, for their part, are fighting to change the behaviour of their customers in relation to their consumption.

It is essential that large companies in the retail sector take the bend and commit themselves to the social responsibility of their companies. One of their objectives could be to reduce the pollution linked to the emission of greenhouse gases generated by the cars of their customers looking for parking spaces.

But then how can they reconcile social mission, sustainable development and economic viability?

  • The provision of car parks in the establishments
  • A major step towards an approach in line with sustainable development

The provision of car parks in the establishments

You feel concerned about CSR but don't really know how to go about it? Take the plunge and propose intelligent parking solutions. If your establishment has poorly used parking spaces, you could make them profitable through parking sharing companies. Your car park has potential, so don't neglect it.

If you make use of your space, the inhabitants of the neighbourhood in which you are located will be satisfied and will be able to park easily without looking for a vacant space for a long time. Making life easier for motorists living in your company's neighbourhood has never been easier!

The big brand Delhaize has taken up this challenge, discover our article on the optimization of vacant parking spaces  in this company.

A major step towards an approach in line with sustainable development

Not only will this project allow you to satisfy the population, but you will contribute greatly to sustainable development. 30% of the pollution linked to the carbon footprint is due to people looking for parking spaces.

Your company will be proud to be committed to its CSR approach and this will motivate many other retail companies to get involved like you. Your company will be a model in terms of local integration thanks to your parking service and you will make your space profitable by receiving an income.

Retailers should not hesitate to exploit the CSR dimension of their businesses. As a matter of principle, it is obviously an unavoidable action for all companies nowadays and therefore everyone should feel concerned.

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