How can you encourage carpooling within your company?

July 23, 2020

If your employees come to work by car every morning, why not offer them the opportunity to drive to work together? Pollution due to transport continues to increase year after year. Carpooling is increasingly being adopted for long journeys, so why not use carpooling for your commute to work?

In this article, find out how your company can encourage its employees to carpool and what the benefits of this new travel habit will be: 

Implementation of an online carpooling platform 

In order to set up carpooling within your company, it is important to have a system dedicated to this practice. Employees need to be able to enter their home address to see which colleagues live nearby. 

There are 2 options available with regards to the implementation of this platform: 


A dedicated platform for the company

The Human Resources Department, mindful of employees' mobility experience, can set up a carpooling platform as part of the company's CSR approach. The website could be on the company's intranet, for example. 

With this system, employees can register and enter all their information such as working hours, place of residence, days off etc. In this way, employees can find employees willing to carpool with them. 

As a result, carpooling will be a more attractive solution, employees will carpool with more confidence, and make significant savings on their transportation costs

A partnership with a company specialising in carpooling 

Setting up a platform such as this can be very complicated, especially for small businesses. Companies specialising in the collaborative economy, and in particular in carpooling, can help you set this up. 

Mobility players such as Carpool, Karos  or Klaxit  help optimize the commute to work for your employees.


Development of company shuttles 

Do all your employees use their personal vehicles to get to work? Have you thought about the pollution associated with this daily traffic? A solution can be set up within your company: collective transport organised by the employer. It works like public transport but it is only for your employees, it is also called "vanpooling". 


Every morning, the shuttle follows a route and takes your employees straight to work. There are many reasons to opt for this solution, not only the positive impact on the environment but also the encouragement of interaction between employees during these trips. This option is very practical especially when your company is geographically isolated. 

With the development of carpooling for long journeys, it is becoming more and more possible to develop this system for your employee's commute to work? So we hope this advice has helped you get a better understanding of the different options to promote carpooling in your company. 


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