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How is Big Data rethinking parking management?

Between the emergence of intelligent car parks and new solutions to improve parking experience, the management of parking is being digitized. This digitisation functions in particular by using extensive data to optimize the management of parking. This involves a variety of issues. First of all, facing the extent of existing data concerning a car park (occupancy rate, time traffic, averag...

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How to increase the attractiveness of smart mobility alternatives

What is the connection between an autonomous vehicle, a parking management  tool, or public transport? They all constitute some of the alternatives that aim to reduce congestion and foster greener and cheaper transportation options in modern cities.  Urban mobility is described as the lifeblood of modern cities, a critical economic factor, and a facilitator of smart, sustainable developm...

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How does BePark helps to improve the mobility experience of your employees?

Employee mobility experience, nowadays, is becoming more and more important for the good functioning of a company. In fact, their happiness is tightly related to the success of said firm. With the rapid rise of urbanisation, it is becoming an alarming need for companies around the world to promote more accessible, more efficient mobility experience for workers and drivers in general. At ...

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Real estate developers: 5 reasons why you should work with BePark to enhance the value of your car parks

BePark has been applying its expertise for more than 8 years in the six sectors of activity: offices, supermarkets, housing, the public sector, education and health, and hotels, where we optimise and market their parking spaces with a total or partial vacancy. We have been able to use this experience acquired in each core business to be able to work in a similar way on major real estate ...

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