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3 tips to succeed in flexible parking management

With the increase in teleworking, flexible workspaces are becoming more and more common. This gives the opportunity for flexible car parks to develop within companies. What is flexible parking? A car park that occupation is organised according to the needs of its users. Thanks to this organisation, the space is optimised to the maximum occupancy in order to accommodate as many vehicles a...

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6 reasons to go for a flexible workspace

Like everything else, workspaces are evolving over time. During this evolving process, it is when flexible workspaces were born. Although this concept is nothing new, the current situation is contributing to the increased number of companies using this way to organise themselves. Indeed, if we refer to the increase in the number of people teleworking in general, but especially following ...

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How can companies cope with changes in mobility after containment?

Since mid-March 2020, several European countries have been confined. Indeed, the spread of the covid-19 virus being so rapid, governments have found a solution: total containment for all citizens. Cafés, restaurants and all other non-essential shops have been closed for almost 2 months.  This crisis created a real break in our everyday life, people were locked in their homes all day long...

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5 tips for managing multi-site car parks

The multiplication of your company's parking sites makes their management more complex. It is more complicated to have a global visibility of the availability of your sites. This makes it difficult to manage the accesses to the car parks and to keep all your employees happy.  To meet these challenges, here are 5 tips to manage multi-park sites in the best possible way:  - Centralise the ...

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