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Smart City: what synergies between mobility and new technologies?

Mobility is characterised by all the means aimed at improving the movement of people. New companies such as Uber have shown us how new technologies can fundamentally change the way we relate to travel. Not only have we changed the way we travel, we have also rethought our patterns of ownership. In large cities, owning a car is becoming less and less of a priority.  In this article, we wi...

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What is Cobrace and who is involved?

Every day, about 200,000 commuters enter Brussels to get to work. These movements exert enormous automotive pressure. And it is precisely to reduce road traffic that Brussels Environment wanted to put an end to the parking spaces reserved for offices and companies. Since 2016, the Brussels Code of Air, Climate and Energy Management (Cobrace) has required private operators of covered and ...

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How to increase the attractiveness of smart mobility alternatives

What is the connection between an autonomous vehicle, a parking management  tool, or public transport? They all constitute some of the alternatives that aim to reduce congestion and foster greener and cheaper transportation options in modern cities.  Urban mobility is described as the lifeblood of modern cities, a critical economic factor, and a facilitator of smart, sustainable developm...

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How can you transform your building into a smart building?

We are entering a new era regarding building construction. It is no longer enough for our homes and offices to provide shelter and keep us warm. Today, with the evolution of technology, it is possible not only to provide all the services that occupants need, but also to do so while making the building as efficient as possible, minimizing costs and reducing the building's environmental im...

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