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Category: Smart City

[Infographic] 5 advantages of turning your building into a smart building

In 2020 we can say that intelligent buildings or smart buildings are the future of the real estate and construction industry. Whether the demand comes from the private sector or from European governments, we can see that the direction of history is moving towards the adoption of new practices that transform our buildings into smart infrastructure. The energy performance of buildings has ...

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How to build a circular economy approach with a car park?

In recent years, the circular economy has been introduced in a large number of areas of activity, particularly in car parks. The preservation of the environment is a fundamental challenge nowadays and as an actor of mobility, we owe it to ourselves to participate in this project. Dr. Paul Schosseler defines this process as "an economic system of exchange and production [...] which aims t...

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4 tips to enhance the value of your car park

Car parks are not necessarily the places we think of directly when it comes to generating passive income or even improving the well-being of its employees.  However, these parking places can be very useful and lucrative when they are optimised and valued. Safety, accessibility and smart mobility are three terms that we will develop to help you optimise your car parks.  In order to make t...

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Category: Mobility Smart City

Smart City: what synergies between mobility and new technologies?

Mobility is characterised by all the means aimed at improving the movement of people. New companies such as Uber have shown us how new technologies can fundamentally change the way we relate to travel. Not only have we changed the way we travel, we have also rethought our patterns of ownership. In large cities, owning a car is becoming less and less of a priority.  In this article, we wi...

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